Achieve more together with Microsoft Teams

Group chat and collaboration software are the evolving modern elements of Microsoft Office 365 that promises to redefine the characteristics of business organizations.

You will most likely try to explore new ways to use app on a daily basis if you are engaged in one of the many modern organizations. However, if you are not, then the following 5-factors will signify the usage and the importance of Teams in modern business:

More Than Just Chat

Quick conversation with your colleagues is possible through the chat window in Teams. However, it is not just conversation or chat that is done on this platform, there is so much more to it than one notices.

If you need to share an important file, you can just attach it in the chat. Thereafter, you can simply make a call or even make a video call in order to discuss with your colleague or with anybody in your department, about the attached file that is transferred straight from the window. What more? You can schedule a meeting even without leaving the chat group. The chat’s integration with other Microsoft products such as OneNote and Office eliminates the need to switching between apps throughout your conversation. There is no more deviation and no interruption from the topic.

Throughout the Meetings

Organizing a meeting and getting everything ready can be a daunting task, depending upon the subject of the meeting. The agenda can be found in one E-mail whereas the agreed actions to be taken would be available in the next mail. You will be at a loss to know about the things you were supposed to review before the call. This could be a harrowing experience.

Whereas, meetings conducted in Teams make that harrowing experience much easier. The moment you create the meeting, you can immediately start chatting with the participants about the agenda, share the files that you need them to review, keep track of the meeting notes and to plan the next course of action. You can even check about the non invitees that are participating in the meeting.

Microsoft Team software is very brilliant as the recording of the call is immediately available in the same tab! Thus, even if you missed the meeting, you do not need to hunt for the recording. It is available right there together with the meeting notes and the action taken notes.

Reducing Exchange of E-mails

Getting engaged and drowning in your E-mails literally becomes reduced. The conversations in Group Chat are now held in a structural way in your Teams. Therefore, you do not need to have rummage or browse through all the E-mails that are generally sent as Reply All format.

Even if somebody needs to send you a file or ask you a one-liner question Chat does the honors!

Value-added Collaboration & Communication

You need not switch apps when you need to collaborate on a document. Thanks to the tight integration with Office 365. You can create the Word, Excel or PowerPoint document in Teams, which can be immediately shared with your colleagues or team members of your department and then co-author instantly.

Besides, the need for sending out different versions through E-mail is no more required and also the resulting version confusion is totally out. You can now add comments, dos and don’ts and even chat with your colleagues or teammates of your department to discuss about the document.

Be Omnipresent

Make your presence felt and stay connected, anytime, anywhere even while you are on the move. The objective is to stay connected and accessible to all your resources. With the Team phone app, you have direct access to all your apps and documents. You can easily respond to chat and conversations, join meetings with one click and continue to collaborate. As stated above, even on the move, you are kept completely in the loop with everyone.

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