Be More Productive Automatically with Microsoft Power-Apps and Flow

Microsoft PowerApps and Flow

Automation is the word which is often heard and even witnessed in the business world. Especially, in manufacturing industry a certain job is automated with the help of robot. Similarly, there are many repetitive task in day to day business activity that can do wonders if automated.

This scenario is certainly possible with automation of business process through technology. With technology focusing on automating process and workflows, a major chunk of time is reduced and can be utilized for more productive work.

Tools and software carry out the time consuming tasks, while your employees are able to focus more on work that matters.

Automation with Microsoft PowerApps and Flow

Introduced in 2016, Power Apps and Flow are tools that allow business users to streamline business process without the use of code. PowerApps is a user interface for building mobile apps, while Microsoft Flow is used to automate workflows across multiple applications and services.

How PowerApps can be used for Business Process Automation?

PowerApps is a platform as a service which allows you to run mobile apps on Android, iOS, Windows, with almost any internet browser.

It provide you a UI from where you can drag and drop different controls (like- text field, check box, forms) for creating mobile apps. These apps are used for Business- meaning internal use only. So if you want it for customer support or employee on boarding, or whichever task having repetitive or series of predictable steps, it offers successful automation.

Microsoft Flow handles all traditional workflows like approval, publishing and workflows associated with forms & inputs through PowerApps. Business processes like employee vacation requests, compensation changes, and equipment request are some of the cases which are automated via Microsoft Flow.

Automating these and other processes can shorten cycle time and save countless hours of chasing paper or email based workflows and their status.

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