Benefits of Dynamics 365 Business Central CRM Integration

As the business grows, many problems start to come in handling it. Along with this, we also have to manage our customers. In such a situation, a business is looking for a platform that can easily complete both of these tasks.

In simple words, you need a combination of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). ERP handles the supply chain, inventory, finance, and other business parts of your business, on the other hand, CRM strengthens the bond and relationship between your customer and business.

Well, if you are also facing all these problems then we have a very good option for you which is known as Dynamic 365 Business Central CRM integration. This means that you can now also integrate CRM into your Dynamic 365 Business Central ERP solution and take advantage of both ERP and CRM from a single platform.

Let us tell you today in this blog what are the benefits of CRM integration in your D365 Business Central and how it can help your business to grow.

Benefits of D365 Business Central CRM Integration

Simple and streamlined business operations

CRM integration in D365 BC lets you make all the operations of your business very simple and easy.  Both ERP and CRM solutions together streamline all the operations of your business.

That is, you do not need to operate any work manually again and again.  You get much useful software like power BI, which almost automates much of your work.

Operational efficiency

One advantage of integrating CRM and ERP solutions is that now the efficiency and productivity of doing any of your work increases greatly. It increases your working speed with performance. This means, that now you do not need to make any compromise in performance and speed.

Increase sales and profit

Now because you don’t need to operate anything manually and there is a proper solution to handle both your customers and business. Therefore, it increases your sales rapidly, as well as you can focus on marketing your product and increasing your profit rapidly.

Stimulate the business growth

When you integrate CRM into your Dynamic 365 Business Central, it now strengthens the relationship between you and your customers.  Which ultimately has the advantage that your business starts growing continuously without any extra effort.

Define the user experience

When you integrate CRM in D365 BC, now it provides you with all the reports and data of all your customers with the help of Power BI, based on which you can improve your user experience and can grow your business.

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