Benefits of Microsoft Office 365 for SMEs Business in Dubai

Always keep your business connected efficiently; whether it is a small enterprise or a large scale business.  Bank on Microsoft Office 365 for its capability to keep even a small business connected efficiently and safely in order to enhance productivity.  This subscription service is compatible with the latest version of Microsoft Office product which has a whopping 1.2 billion users using MS office product and around 60 plus million users who are comfortable with Office 365.  By choosing Microsoft Office 365, you are always connected with your potential clients displaying good business sense.  

Work from Anywhere

You could be omnipresent with Office 365 as it offers you to perform the task of sharing and editing the programs of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, et al, from anywhere. With Office 365, you get all the benefits of the cloud to get many tasks performed with ease. Irrespective of your location, you can access your files without even installing the programs on your PC. Nothing slows you down even rough weather, illness in the family or a missed/delayed flight. You just need an internet connection and access to the most popular office software.

Office 365 UAE

Enhanced Security

There is always a threat of a security breach for small and medium online business enterprises as nearly 43% of all attacks are prone to access to data, services through unauthorized entry via logical IT perimeter. No need to worry when as Office 365 has several layers of mandated security cover between your data and hackers. All the same, no system is 100% fool-proof, Office 365 nevertheless keeps even your small business compliant 24×7. Safety features provided in this system, such as encryption are capable to keep sensitive data from getting into the prying eyes of the hackers, which eventually saves your money and efforts if a hacker manages his way into your systems.

Avoid the Licensing Part

Undoubtedly Microsoft Office is a versatile product having many versions and getting upgraded regularly. At times, one gets confused and frustrated too, as one comes across different versions being used across the office for various applications. In fact, productivity can be marked by a slow tempo when one computer can perform a certain task than the other.

Office 365 has the capability to bring everyone on the same page as everyone gets the same updates and the same licensing details so one does not have to be concerned about the licensing part.

Improved Backup

In addition to enhanced security, one also gets improved backups to one’s data, Office 365 has good back up features that eliminate the risk of losing the data. If the data in your laptop melts down, you have the provision of 1TB of online storage to save them. When your phone gets stolen you can instantly retrieve the data from the cloud. Similarly, with Office 365, you stay on regardless of what happens. There is also more storage space on your E-mail eliminating the necessity to keep cleaning out your inbox when you face a problem in your business.

Consolidate Your Work

With Office 365 everything is properly synced. Even your small business has the required tools for success. Incidentally, there is no doubt the developed solutions are taken care when there are gaps in the information between your E-mail, schedules and contact list. Office 365 practically reduces the chances of committing mistakes or even losing important details by mistake. Remember, next time when you have something important to save, just update one of your devices and instantly all information gets transferred to the rest of your devices. These are the features and the types of benefits that can really turn a small business into a powerhouse, a name to reckon with.

A Subscription for One & All

If you think, your small enterprise does business only during the summer and nearly slack during the winter or any other season, Office 365 has some lucrative and flexi plan in store. The billing process allows you to add or subtract the number of users based on what you need. This type of flexibility allows you to scale your business to the next level even without wasting any of your precious budgets or increasing the overheads. Quite likely some companies can afford any kind of eventuality in their business but smaller companies certainly don’t have that type of financial freedom.

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