Business Central HRMS & Payroll Module – SQIT Consulting Localized Payroll

Business Central HRMS & Payroll Module – Square Consulting localized Payroll

Business Central HRMS & Payroll is a module built within Dynamics 365 Business Central by Square International Technology Consulting DMCC with all the UAE legal rules and regulations. starting from hire to retire process, including end or services and Gratuity calculation with a single click. It included a full payroll process for UAE, Saudi, Oman and many other GCC counties. Our Business Central HRMS gives an edge, as it integrates with all the other modules in Dynamics 365.

Few Screenshots from SQIT Consulting’s Localized HR & Payroll module

Dynamics 365 BC

Business Central Payroll Module Role Center

Dynamics 365 Middle East

Employee loans

Dynamics 365 employee loan card

SQIT consulting HRMS is part of a suite of Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions that provide comprehensive support for the Office of HR including payroll management. Our globally accessible solution is additionally supplemented by various local rules & regulation and administrations that help the prerequisites of clients in specific areas with specialized business process. SQIT offers corporate performance management solution which offers a single platform for consolidation, reporting, analytics, dashboards, integrated business planning, and financial budgeting.

Our Business Central Payroll has the following features available

  • Time & Attendance Management          
  • Benefits/deductions
  • Compensation Management like basic salary etc
  • Loan Management
  • Overtime/under time
  • Public holidays
  • Air tickets
  • Payroll posting to general ledger
  • Final settlement processing
  • Employee Electronic Records management like education, passport etc.      
  • Leave Management     

Time & Attendance

  • Maintain Time Sheets for employees
  • Overtime Calculation
  • On Workdays
  • Off days / Half days
  • Public Holidays
  • Manage Attendance of Employees who do not require Time Sheets
  • Integration of Time sheets to T&A terminal devices
  • Ramadan Work timing calculations accommodated
  • Shifts
  • Defining Shifts or Rosters at Branch/ Employee level
  • Time sheet for Shift employees
  • Overtime Calculations

Employees Benefits Accruals

  • All benefits can be accrued in the system
  • Air Tickets:
  • Accrual of Air tickets for Adult/Child Infant
  • Encashment
  • Carry forward & Carry back Option


  • Availability of Entitled/Accrued/Remaining Leave Balances at any point of time.
  • Annual leave Encashment
  • Carry forward & Carry back Option


  • Any number of Configurable Gratuity rules can be defined as they vary in every country.
  • Gratuity Encashment


  • House rent allowance, Fuel Allowance, Water & Electricity, Transportation allowance, Telephone allowance


  • Any benefit item assigned to an employee whom must be accrued can be categorized under miscellaneous.

Payroll Setup

  • Unlimited Earnings and Deductions
  • Set of Earning/Deduction codes linked to employees
  • Definition of Calendars, Payroll periods
  • Specific general ledger account linked to each type of payroll expense
  • Definition of various Overtime, Absence and benefit pay elements
  • Provision for additional monthly inputs

Payroll Process

  • Processing of payroll for different periods, based on class of employee.
  • Temporary payroll runs for review and approval prior to actual confirmation and posting of the payroll.
  • Facility to include/exclude contractors or any other employees for a payroll run.
  • Pay slip generation for all employees.
  • Leave salary processing before an employee goes on leave.
  • Payroll Posting to GL.

Loans & Advances

  • Loans are processed when request for a loan.
  • Multiple loans for a single employee can be handled.
  • Loan payments are processed automatically through the payroll at the end of each pay period.
  • Employee Loan installments and Repayment schedule/reschedule reports available
  • Advances taken by employees are also processed.
  • Other loans (Employee fixed assets–laptop-car-phone-furniture-mattress)

Dynamics 365 Finance and Operation and core HR functionalities

Technology has contributed immensely in the transformation and engaging customer in business operations. But revamping the way you manage your business finances, resource planning, human capital and customer relationships is a huge undertaking. It requires great deal of time and resources to carry out desired functions.

In the latest announcement, Microsoft has acquired rights to strategic solution from Four Vision and Elevate HR for accelerating human resource operations within leave and absence, time and attendance, and benefits management.  

As the professional landscape is changing, from the way people look for job to employee expectations, core HR capabilities are embedded in Dynamics 365 for talent.

Dynamics 365 is designed to maximize efficiency and automate number of processes related to staffing your organization. The acquisitions are meant to support customer throughout transformation journey, breaking down people silos and offering centralized workforce. The new capabilities like leave absence, sickness management, time sheet and benefits management empower employees and businesses equally.

Integration With Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operation

The below template shows data flow from Dynamics 365 Talent to Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

Dynamics 365 finance & talent

Dynamics 365 Core HR ensure that your employees and managers have the resources they need to succeed, while HR has the tool they need to strengthen programs.

  • You get to reward high performers driving transparency around employee performance and enabling corrective actions.
  • Intelligent course management guides employees to relevant professional development resources.
  • Move beyond standard HR reports with people analytics.
  • Transform, analyze, and visualize your people data with rich dashboard on any device.

Dynamics 365 for Talent makes core HR administration configurable, compliant and actionable with insight-driven decisions that deliver business impact.

With Dynamics 365 for Talent solution you achieve-faster talent searches, more engaging candidate experiences, increased productivity in new recruits, compliance with industry regulations and in-house policies, 360-degree view on employee performance and improved staff retention.

If you have any enquiries or requirements for HRMS & payroll solutions, all you need to do is just request a call back from us.

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