Business Central Lite CRM Software for Small and Mid Size Companies

For successful businesses, covering the customers’ side of things, like bouncing from sales representatives and answering redundant question, efficient Customer Relationship Management software is a must.

According to a Microsoft definition, a CRM must do the following:
  1. Centralise customer information:- Business Central help you manage leads, right from the beginning. You can see your customer’s journey till being consumer.
  2. Automate marketing interactions:- Track your marketing campaign, from sending emails to registering campaign responses.
  3. Provide business intelligence:- Gather, analyse, and share your company data (sales figures, operational expenses, budget, etc) with decision makers
  4. Facilitate communications:- By unlocking productivity, Business Central streamline business processes
  5. Track sales opportunities:- Process incoming leads by creating opportunities and associating them to salespeople so that you can keep track of potential sales.
  6. Allow analyze data:- Evaluate information, such as how well your business is operating, where it is thriving and where it is not, and where more resources should be allocated.

Dynamics 365 Business Central provides sales and customer relationship management functionalities suiting to your business vertical. With sales and relationship management features, you get right information at your fingertips.

Complete functionality of Business Central

• Contact management
• Sales Opportunity management
• Marketing Campaign management
• Task management
• Interaction management
• Integrating with Dynamics 365 Sales and more

With these features, small and medium business gets lite-CRM functionality at economical price without being overwhelmed. These essential-to-all features of Business Central provide key functionality while providing both employee- and customer-facing benefits.

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