Business Central Purchase Module Explained

The Business Central Purchase module helps you in the recording of purchase activities done by your business. It is most effective in case you sell your product by delivering directly from your vendor to your customer, as a drop shipment. It facilitates you in maintaining purchase order records. So you can say that the business central purchase module specifically helps your business in its growth.

Let’s understand Business Central Purchase Module

The Business Central Purchase module provides you with basic information that you should know to create these purchase documents. It is mainly used to record the cost of purchases and to track accounts payable. The purchase module helps you in keeping track of inventory and accounts of your purchase orders.

How does it help your business in the purchase?
Create Purchase Invoices

The Business Central Purchase module helps you in creating all purchase invoices and keeping a record of your purchase.  It helps you in identifying certain delivery and payment terms.

Required Approval

The Business Central Purchase module requires the approval of your officer before large purchases. So it also provides you control over your business.

Record Purchases

The Business Central Purchase module helps your business to record all purchases related to the business. It helps you to maintain an agreement with a dealer to purchase products on specific delivery and payment terms.

Receive and convert into electronic documents

The Business Central Purchase module helps you to convert your electronic documents into purchase invoices records. This means you will easily keep a record of your purchase invoices without mistakes.

Correct and cancel unpaid sales invoices

Complete an action on an outstanding posted purchase invoice to automatically build a credit memo and either terminate the purchase invoice or recreate it so you can make improvements.

The Business Central Purchase model helps your business in keeping track of your purchase order. It also helps you in keeping a record of various bill payables of your company. The business central purchase model helps you in knowing the liquidity required by your business. So, at last, we can easily say that it is a very useful module for a business.

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