Business Intelligence (BI) Reporting in Business Central

Data is increasingly utilized in our work and lives to help enhance the way we go about things—making them easier to do and also giving us a perspective that we as humans may not have seen. This is what Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is designed for.

Right from smart watched on your wrist tracking your daily activities to consumer behavior pattern in a retail store, data gives a comprehensive overview and improve critical decision making.

Dynamics 365 Business Central connects your businesses across sales, marketing, finance, services, and operations departments. The central reporting system in Business Central helps in gaining insights into customer buying across all departments.

For example, a vendor who purchases monthly from your business generates revenue. You can get valuable insight from sales, finance, services, and operations for specific vendors.

Over the span of time, your BI functionalities in Dynamics 365 Business Central allow effective historical data analysis and future trend prediction. Business Central reporting and add-on tools work together to convert business data into useful information that can propel your company forward.

For example, the sales reporting in Business Central allow sales and business professionals to get insights and statistics about current and past sales activities. This helps in making a solid sales strategy based on demographics, gender, products sold, etc.

For finance reporting, Business Central moves beyond traditional reports. A financial and business professional can create, maintain, deploy and view financial statements.

Business Central business intelligence reporting functionality comes in on-premise and online deployment models. Customized reporting is also available in BI as per the organization’s needs.

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