Dynamics 365 Business Central and Shopify connector

In October 2021, a big announcement was made by Microsoft Dynamic 365 that Microsoft has partnered with Shopify. As a result of which now Shopify will be included in Dynamics 365 as a connector.

This announcement from Microsoft proved to be a boon for those people who were running small and big businesses through Shopify but were unable to manage and automate their businesses properly.

This decision taken by Microsoft is improving the experience and business practices of various e-commerce merchants. With Dynamic 365, now small and medium-sized e-commerce business owners will also be able to effectively manage their businesses and provide better e-commerce experiences and services to their customers.

Key features of Shopify connectors in Dynamic 365 Business Central

The main purpose of using Shopify as a connector by Dynamic 365 Business Central was that they can also connect Shopify users with their powerful business management solutions. With its help, the management and automation services of people who run very sophisticated multiple Shopify stores can be simplified.

Below are the key features of Shopify as a connector of Dynamics 365

Multiple Shopify stores can be integrated

The first key feature of Dynamic 365 using Shopify as a connector is that you can now add as many Shopify stores as you want to your Dynamic 365 Business Central and manage all of them simultaneously.

This means that you will no longer need to control and manage each of your Shopify stores separately. You will automate most of the business activity through business central and you will be able to handle the rest of the work easily through a single platform.

Manage all your items and products

You can now manage all your products and items in Shopify stores easily from Dynamic 365 Business Central. You can synchronize images, variations, barcodes, item numbers, texts, and tags of all your products and items. Also, you will find all these things to be easily managed.

Import orders from Shopify

With the help of Dynamic 365, one can easily manage all the imported orders. Costs of delivery, gift cards, frauds, and transactions everything will be considered through Dynamic 365 Business Central to enhance the e-commerce management services.

Track all your data and information

Finally, you can easily track all the data and information of your Shopify store through Dynamic 365. Such as order details, customer details, import and export data, inventory information, product details, etc.

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