Dynamics 365 Sales Professional 30 Day Free Trial

Here is the deal of the month Dynamics 365 Sales Professional 30 day free trial!

For small and medium-sized organizations, who don’t need a full-fledged enterprise app for your organization, the new Dynamics 365 Sales Professional app is for you. Though the offering is available online only, it is worth to try firsthand the sales capabilities to get your organization up and running quickly. The trial sign up experience is simple and does not requires any complex installation or setup.

Why you should try Dynamics 35 Sales Professional?

Sales Professional provides core sales force automation that is used by organization without any complexity. You get to access familiar tools like Office 365, Microsoft Teams, and LinkedIn while working on your day-to-day sales activities to be more efficient in your business development efforts.

You can win more deals by identifying sales opportunity, developing relationships, and personalizing your interactions based on contextual information with a consolidated view of customer engagement. The app is designed to speed up, whether you’re handling your day-to-day sales transactions or setting up the app for your team.

Dynamics 365 for sales price

Get started quickly with the two options-

Try out sample data-Sales Professional comes with sample data to give you something to experiment with as you get oriented.
Do a quick read– The user guide contain all essential you need to navigate the app.
No matter what you choose, our consultants are here to help you up and running.

Intelligent insight for sales manager

Insights helps sales manager to know how their sales team is performing. The sales pipeline shows deal won versus deal lost insights, financial info like estimated versus actual revenue, and much more.

End-to end customer view

Quickly view what is happening with a customer, like communication, individual deals, and more-all in one place.

Simplified opportunity to lead process

Easy to move through sales funnel. Create quote>Activate & send quote>Create invoice close opportunity>Invoice paid

And, what’s more—you get the same consistent experience regardless of the device you use. Let us know your feedback on Dynamics 365 Sales Professional trail experience.

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