Dynamics GP to Business Central migration

Just as we repair a vehicle from time to time on its need and give new strength and quality equipment, similarly a business also has to upgrade its equipment and tools along with its growth.

Dynamics GP and Business Central are two very important cloud-based ERP solutions from Microsoft.  Dynamics GP is an ERP solution meeting very basic needs whereas Business Central offers us more exposure and tools. This is the reason that when a new business or start-up starts, people choose Dynamics GP so that they can get more results in less effort.

But as the business starts growing, it becomes difficult to handle it in such a small ERP and thus the need for Microsoft Business Central is felt.

Different Approaches of migrating Dynamics GP to Business Central

Complete migration

In complete migration, you can completely migrate all your information and business data to Business Central migration. What it means is that you can completely stop using Dynamics GP and start using Business Central instead of GP to get faster and more extensive results.

Integration of Business Central into Dynamics GP

In this approach, businesses do not need to completely stop Dynamics GP. Indeed they prefer to integrate their data and tools with Business Central. With this approach, you get able to use all the new and latest tools and features of the business center while your main functionality will work on Dynamic GP.

Benefits and needs

Generally, using Dynamics GP and Business Central entirely depends on the business needs and requirements and both have their side-by-side pros and cons. However, the main difference comes in the part of performance, compatibility, and features. So, look at some of the benefits and needs of migrating your data from Dynamics GP to Business Central

The functionality of your solution

Microsoft Business Central comes with a very high level of ERP functionality and features which makes it fit for any kind of business whether it is a middle or big size business. It can handle all your business needs. While at the same time Dynamics GP is a very basic functionality-based ERP solution specially designed for SMEs.

Updated and improved solution

Business Central is a much more updated and Improved ERP solution for business while Dynamics GP is a traditional and basic ERP.

Microsoft’s priority for their ERP Solution

As Business Central is a wider and function-based Solution designed for large-size businesses, it is obvious that Microsoft gives more priority to Business Central.

So, in every way Migration from Dynamics GP to Business Central is very beneficial and advantageous for you. It enables you to work on a large scale and more effectively.

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