How Long Does A Business Central Implementation Take?

Microsoft Business Central is a software solution for businesses to manage everything easily. As it is a very big change for any business to implement this system, you need to have careful planning and proper strategy.

The implementation of Business Central depends on various factors such as what is the size of your company, how complicated the setup you have currently with your business, what is the number of users in your company, and many more.

So, you will have two ways to implement Business Central.

The first one is the personalized implementation plan and the second one is the fixed implementation package plan. A personalized implementation plan means you will be given a Microsoft partner who will sit with you and will try to have a good understanding of your business. Then, his team will customize the software as per business needs.

On the other hand, a fixed implementation package plan means that you will select a package for you and the team will come and fix the software as per the selected package. So, let us see the time of implementation of Business Central software.

Basic Implementation

The implementation that has very few customizations is the basic one. So, this process does not need very much preparation and time for the implementation of this system. On average, the basic process needs 6-7 weeks for implementing the Business Central.

Average Implementation

In an average implementation, businesses need some small or some large customizations. Most organization prefers to have an average implementation process for their business. This implementation takes at least 3-4 months for completion because the changes are made as per the need of the business.

Complex Implementation

This implementation takes a lot of time as it has a lot of customizations. Large organizations prefer to have this type of implementation as it is not affordable for everyone. The complex implementation takes more than 6 months to complete.

So, if you want to have Business Central for your business, you can come and talk to our team. They will focus on your needs to customize the system for you to take your business to success. Our team is very supportive and will listen to everything. Our team will help you with all the problems by providing the best solutions.

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