Indispensable AI from Microsoft Dynamics 365

Essentially, artificial Intelligence or AI is increasingly becoming a contributing factor in our routine work and lives. This application helps to enhance the way we approach our activities at home and in office by making life easy. It also gives us a beyond belief perspective that we as humans experience technical advances in this lifetime. This is exactly what Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI is designed for keeping in mind the varied needs of modern beings.

Microsoft has developed AI add-ons for the Dynamics 365 suite that converts your data into valuable insights and actions; thereby providing you a unified view of your customers, products and people to discover fresh opportunities to take your business to the future world of business.

Released by Microsoft for Dynamics 365, there are three AI insights apps currently available which take care of sales insights, customer insights and customer service insights.

What is a Dynamics 365 Sales Insight?                                           

Dynamics 365 sales insights has been developed to enable sales teams to build better relationships, minimize mundane routine and maintain customer retention. In addition, the app looks at improving the way they work with in-built coaching tools and AI insights.

True to its characteristics, the sales insights add-on blend well with Dynamics 365 for sales and the Dynamics 365 customer engagement plan to enhance your productivity with effective key performance process.

What are Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights?

With Dynamics 365 customer service perceptions, you can take the best way you wish to serve customers to take them to the next level. As the service you offer is significant for your customers, their demands and expectations also show steady rise.

This means, it gives your business the necessary fillip and an advantage to use AI to stay ahead of completion. Customer service insights use AI and machine learning so you get a comprehensive view of your customers and performance. In addition, in understanding the problems are the best approach to resolve issues.

Visualize customer engagement patterns, agent performance and customer service operations by using dashboards with built-in AI, business intelligence and machine learning skills.

What are Dynamics 365 Customer Insights?

Dynamics 365 customer insights is an end-to-end customer data platform or cdp for short, has been developed to let you understand your customers in detail for helping your marketing, sales and service professionals deliver personalized experiences at every interaction. Normally, customer data is scattered across a variety of sources; so customer insights easily integrates this data and utilize AI and machine learning to get a ‘360-degree’ view of your customers plus detailed insights and recommendations to help you provide the highest level of service.

What is Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection?

Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection primarily focuses on payment and account creation Fraud Protection. It also entertains related scenarios in E-commerce with an adaptive AI that increasingly strives to learn and adapt from patterns besides trends in data.

The solution works together with Dynamics 365 commerce in order to help you drive down Fraud loss and increase bank acceptance rates; even while helping drive higher revenue and improve the shopping experience for your customers.

Bank on it, Fraud Protection protects your business through several innovative and advanced capabilities.

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