How to Make a smart business decision with Power BI

Every organization takes data from multiple sources. However, there are challenges faced while extracting this data and making it available for everyone to face real challenges.

Organizations which heavily relies on data make use of the self-reliant tool such as Power BI. It helps them to use the data and drive smarter business decisions.

Now let’s explore what is Power BI.

Power BI is nothing but a cloud-based suite of business analytics tools. These tools help businesses to analyze, visualize and share insights in real-time. Organizations can get a 360-degree view of their businesses with Power BI applications.

Key features of Power BI:

  • Familiarity and Simplicity: Power BI’s deep integration with other Microsoft products such as Dynamics 365, Excel, Office 365 including SharePoint, Microsoft Flows and Power Point, makes it easy to use and shortens the learning curve.
  • Natural Language Interface: Power BI Q&A integrated with Cortana allows users to ask questions about their data using natural language and get their answers in the form of reports or visuals created automatically.
  • Custom Visualizations: Developers can easily add custom visuals into Power BI and visualize dashboards and reports in their own way.
power BI

Advantages of Power BI

  • Extract data from various sources, create datasets, transform and visualize data, and publish the reports and dashboards.
  • The platform brings a new dimension to self-service with the inclusion of Question and Answer function.
  • Bing Maps empower the interactive geo-map visualization.
  • Data Analysis Expressions scripting language used in Power BI allows the creation of calculated columns and measures. In most aspects, Excel and Data Analysis Expressions are similar, with the difference that Excel works around cells and Data Analysis Expression is column based.
  • The product receives update almost every month, ensuring a perpetual evolution.

SQIT Consulting provides Power BI implementation services for powerful data discovery, dashboards, visualization, business reporting, and self-service analytics. Our Power BI consultants and developers use their expertise to create visualization and reporting solutions that empower users to create, collaborate, and benefit from insights gained through analytics.

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