Manufacturing Functionality in Business Central

The primary goal of manufacturing industry is to create growth and improvement. When the demand arises so do increases the production of material. With multiple operations in place, manufacturers need to switch to modern and flexible business solution. An integrated ERP and CRM have proved to be invaluable to the manufacturing industry.

For small and medium size manufacturing businesses, Dynamics 365 Business Central provides a complete visibility in all functions by making all data available in a centralized location. Manufacturers get to monitor, enhance and streamline business processes as a whole in Business Central.

Manufacturing functionality

Here’s the functionality available in Business Central for manufacturing industry

1. Manage information regarding products that are-

  • Products planned for manufacturing
  • Materials required for the planned production orders
  • Products that have just been manufactured
  • Materials that have already been selected
  • Products that have been manufactured in the past
  • Materials that were used in previous manufacturing operations
2. Outsource all or selected operations in a production order to a subcontractor.

3. Record and post production output along with material and time consumption for a single released production order line.

4. Batch post the quantity of components used per operation in a journal that can processes multiple planned production orders

5. Post the quantity of finished items and the time spent per operation in a journal that can processes multiple released production orders.

6. Post the number of items produced in each finished operation which does not qualify as finished output, but as scrapped material.

7. Post consumed capacities that are not assigned to the production order. For example, maintenance work must be assigned to capacity, but not to a production order.

8. Calculate and adjust the cost of finished production items and consumed components for financial reconciliation.

Dynamics 365 Business Central is an effective way to operate a manufacturing business while cutting the costs of running ERP on-premises. Contact Square International Consulting for more information.

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