Bringing Schools to Home, With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Education Accelerator

It is overwhelming to note that schools played a major role by maintaining a sense of purpose and consistency. Essentially, without weaning away the experience of a classroom teaching, the students participated in the online classes with great enthusiasm even in these uncertain times.  The parents and students patiently enjoyed the experience, which were an ordeal in the beginning of the lockdown as many found the online concept a hard nut to crack as they now come to terms.

With an unclear situation looming large on us, quite honestly, schools in the coming years are going to rely heavily on their leadership teams all over the world by preparing for school in the new format of online learning.

It gives us immense pleasure and great pride to thank one and all, particularly the parents, who were involved directly or indirectly in the education pattern of today owing to compulsive lockdown. We also take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all the educators who have burned midnight oil to conceptionalize the online classroom by maintaining consistency in the educational syllabus. They have spent a vast amount of energy and time on their wards during this pandemic. More intriguing are plans from the brilliantly organized and beautifully executed concept meant for educating during the lockdown.

We are pleased to announce the launching of an update to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Education accelerator for including an important component to accelerate K-12 specifically meant for school application development which is based on relevant workflows and data models which influences functionality to:

Empower students & family members – maintain stronger connections:

It is a known fact that school portals offer relevant and well-timed communication between home and school in real-time.  They also help in sharing information about homework, grades, school forms, extra-curricular school activity registration, project work and also attendance.  To facilitate a stronger connection between schools, families and students, it becomes the responsibility of everyone involved to maintain a close link between all participants to empower all the stake holders.

Manage Attendance:

School administrators and teachers can easily analyze, understand or appraise by evaluating the student attendance patterns through a Power BI dashboard. Moreover, the teachers can easily communicate with students and their families to make necessary changes as per the need of the hour.

Manage fundraising:-

The administration department can fairly manage donations and also connect with donors.

Evidently, schools and their technology partners are already experiencing the benefits by using the new K-12 component to develop apps. Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner Mazik Global used the new K-12 component to build a virtual classroom for supporting remote learning. The app enables schools to manage virtual classrooms, send students’ notifications for online meetings, keep up-to-date through a student portal and also share announcements by the teachers from time to time.


All the teachers and their technology partners can now use this scenario to create a holistic student profile, facilitate communication between schools and families besides supporting fundraising efforts in a big way.

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