Microsoft Dynamics 365 Vs HubSpot

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Vs HubSpot

Every business should have a centralized platform where you can easily manage the prospects, track the pipelines, and efficiently drive the business. So, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of the best CRM platforms that are business-oriented and has the domains of finance, advertising, sales, commerce, field service, and many more.

However, one more platform is there, i.e., HubSpot, which also helps to grow a business in different domains, such as finance, sales, marketing, content management systems, etc. Both of these platforms offer a robust solution to scale a business with growth.

Therefore, let’s look at the difference between both CRMs to make it clear which one is much better for a business.


In Microsoft Dynamics 365, users can purchase the CRM functionality as per the package aligned. You can have access to any module with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Moreover, Microsoft also allows the users to bundle up both the operations, i.e., CRM and ERP in a single package.

On the other hand, HubSpot gives a confusing price structure where you have to pay some additional charges to get advanced features such as priority support access, transactional emails, etc.

Scalability and Customization

Microsoft Dynamics is a highly scalable CRM that offers many customization features for medium and large organizations. A lot of complex business needs can be sorted quickly with these customization features like manufacturing data or consolidating the production of products.

However, HubSpot also offers customization features but at a small or medium level. It means that if you want to purchase the basic CRM, then also you will have to customize it for your needs, which is a time-consuming process.

Flexible Deployment

First, Microsoft Dynamics was created for on-premise deployment only. But now, you can have on-premise, cloud, or a hybrid model in Microsoft Dynamics 365. It provides excellent and most flexible deployment options as HubSpot only offers cloud deployment for businesses.

So now, you can easily select the one CRM that will be better for your business. Both the CRMs are best but the right match will be one that will fit all the needs of your business.

Moreover, if you want to know some more details about Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can contact our team anytime. We are all available for you to meet all your needs.

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