Microsoft Dynamics 365 vs. SAP Hana

For effective management of data and streamline processes, every business needs an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Well, ERP is management software that integrates each component of your business, helps to analyze the data well, and automates various tasks.

Right here we are talking about the two leading ERPs out there. SAP and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Moreover, both are highly popular in various business scales.

SAP Hana is a (high-performance analytic appliance) multi-model database that stores the data in a compressed manner in RAM (Random access memory) rather than saving it on a disk.

However, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based applications platform that tags along both CRM and ERP along with various applications and tools making your workflow user-friendly and easier. Dynamics 365 apps are also available for on-premise deployment.

Comparison between Microsoft Dynamics 365 and SAP Hana

Ease of Review

Talking about the Ease of review both software’s are quite capable. However, Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers more features than SAP Hana. Moreover, Dynamics 365 is more flexible and customizable rather than SAP which has less or sometimes no flexibility options.

Dynamics 365 works in web-based UI that are more user-friendly. However, SAP’s UI is much more complicated and needs time to master.

Integration and implementation

Microsoft Dynamics 365 can integrate easily with any Microsoft product. However, Integration with the non-Microsoft product could become an issue sometimes. Moving to SAP, integration with third-party applications can be comfortable but takes time to understand.

Customer service

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides its customers with 24/7 support with quick responses to their queries. Training sessions and live sessions support and over the phone are also included. However, SAP offers Email support, live support, and over-the-phone support.

Price and scalability

Meanwhile, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is effectively cheaper than SAP. It is customizable and available in multiple plans and users can opt-out options which are not needed. It is suitable for all sorts of businesses whether it’s a small scale or a large scale business. However, SAP could be pricey for small & mid-sized businesses. Moreover, it comes with less flexible options and customization which results in more charges.

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