Production and Supply Chain- Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations versus Business Central Dubai

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Business Central are two of the most prominent business ERP and CRM solutions in the market that are used by various small and large businesses and enterprises. Both of these are cloud-based CRM solutions, which are used to manage different types of businesses in different ways.

Although both are produced by Microsoft itself, there are many differences between them. Regarding the difference between the two products, Microsoft says that both these CRM solutions have been designed keeping in mind different types of businesses.

Dynamic 365 is primarily designed to manage and operate large businesses whereas business central is a small part of Dynamics 365, the purpose of offering it separately is that it can provide small and middle-class businesses with different CRM.

Comparison between Microsoft Dynamics 365 finance & operation and Business Central for production and supply chain.

Size of Organization

Business Central is mainly done to strengthen the production and supply chain of small and middle-size businesses. With the help of this, SMEs try to manage the production and supply chain of their business.

On the other hand, Dynamics 365 Finance and Operation have been designed for big entrepreneurs where they can manage and operate every small and big activity of their business.

Of course, more features and advanced technology are used in this. The main job of this CRM and ERP solution is to operate and manage the financial part of the business, for which businesses can add on or remove any kind of reports or parts.

Module of software

Business Central integrates the entire business to manage and operate the production and supply chain effectively and keeps all the reports, data, and functionality in front of you with the help of which you can manage your business.

Whereas Dynamics 365 handles the work of finance operations. Therefore, whenever you want, you can make it more effective and strong by adding new features and functions.  Also, you can manage the finance system of your business.

Cost of the software

Now, because Business Central is only a small part of Dynamic 365, which does not have more features and functionality than Dynamics 365. That’s why its pricing is also less.

Whereas Dynamics 365 is a comprehensive CRM and ERP solution that handles and manages your entire business, especially your finance part, hence its pricing and cost are quite high.

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