Relationship Management Features of Business Central

Everyone knows about the features Business Central provides for the growth of any business, but in this article, we are focusing on how Business Central manages the relationship. Business central helps very much in establishing relationships, which helps in the growth of a business because more relations mean more development opportunities. Here are some relationship management features which are definitely going to give you excellent advantages.


  • It helps businesses set up relationship management by defining default settings for contacts and interactions.
  • Business Central manages contacts by defining the external entities that you have business relations such as customer vendors, lawyers etc., which can help you in establishing a solid relationship with your organization.
  • It manages all types of communications and interactions between your company and your contacts, such as by email, letter, telephone, meetings.
  • Business Central helps you manage segments by defining a group of contacts according to specific criteria, such as the enterprise that the contacts belong to.
  • Business Central also helps in managing and developing sales opportunities by correlating them to salespeople so that you can keep track of possible sales.
  • It can also manage market operations by making various plans to attract customers towards your business, attracting them and doing plans for retaining the customers.
  • Use Dynamics 365 Sales for customer attention and enjoy seamless integration in the process by using Business Central for backend activities such as processing orders, managing inventory, and doing your finances.
  • Business Central also helps maintain customer relationships by providing them knowledge about your products and details of the products.



Now you have understood how business central helps organizations in maintaining relationships with various parties. It can also provide various other services like service management provide HRM service to organizations, so 365 Business Central helps in various functions of an organization.

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