Role of Dynamics 365 in Media & Entertainment Industry

Digitalization has created an unprecedented revolution in every industry. Not to lag behind, the media and entertainment industry is galloping at a fast pace for a digital transformation. The emerging content channels and all new digital native providers are the driving force which is instrumental in creating this change.

Normally, subscription services like subscription video on demand (SVOD), advertising video on demand (AVOD) and pay-per-view disrupt revenue streams.  But, the good news is; the expectation is always-on content consumption that has given rise to consumer access to choices and on different devices; besides the need for personalized experiences for driving deeper engagement by focusing on brand loyalty.

Nevertheless, many elements that influence during disruption indicate significant opportunities for media and entertainment organizations that are catalyst in transforming themselves through an intelligent, end-to-end platform.

Inspiring creativity and collaboration:-

Provide the liberty to your creative teams to produce some great hi-end premium quality content backed by ingeniously created ground-breaking elements highlighting human creativity and skill. This in turn will increase the productivity and collaboration among content creators, editors, illustrators including sales and service personnel. This can be achieved through workflows that are more efficient, automated processes and comprehensive perspective. Besides, the use of intelligent production and post-production processes will further simplify and improve media delivery to a great extent.

Optimizing the digital media supply chain:-

Adroitly manage your content, by efficiently delivering it to your customers by moving content archiving and distribution to an intelligent cloud; the entire process to be done as swiftly as possible. Use a media workflow platform to automate the ingestion, accelerate play out of video, audio with rich media assets, processing and global distribution of your content. This will help optimize the delivery of that content through multiple platforms, in various media formats to any device.

Engage and monetize audience presence:-

Generate audience engagement, capitalize and increase revenue generation by delivering memorable experiences through personalized and targeted content, services and advertising. Enhance the right perspective of media interactions, consumption patterns, social sentiments and audience preferences through data-driven insights across all your channels. Advance media engagement and reduce mix by applying AI to audience experiences to personalize content and deliver advertising that is more relevant for better results.

In order to triumph in these transformational outcomes, Microsoft authorizes media & entertainment organizations to accomplish by providing a trusted, impartial and secure platform.

What more?  The whole process is supported by a comprehensive partner ecosystem with industry-leading solutions for collaboration, creativity, personalized and memorable experiences with better content management.

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