SAP vs. Dynamic 365 finance and accounting feature comparison

Microsoft Dynamics 365 (D365) and SAP Business One are mostly compared during the election cycle because they both are the leading contenders. SAP incorporates the functionality of an organization whereas Dynamics 365 is a product line that has been announced by Microsoft.

So let us look at the main comparison of SAP Business One v/s Dynamic 365 finance and accounting feature.

Financials – This has been revealed that Dynamics 365 is much better and powerful than SAP Business One as for the financial features and functions. So, here Dynamics 365 excels at functionalities.

Human resources – On this point, also Dynamics 365 outranks SAP Business One in terms of human resources features and functions that are normally available off the shelf.

Manufacturing Management – Here in manufacturing management, SAP and Dynamics 365 both provide comparable coverage of manufacturing the management functions and functionalities.

Inventory Management – The power is with Dynamics 365 ERP more as compared to SAP inventory management feature as it gives comprehensive benefits.

Purchasing Management – In this case, both the software, SAP Business One and Dynamics 365, give similar features and functionalities. Purchasing management in Dynamics 365 offers comparable coverage of capabilities.

Quality Management – Here also, no software will be given any rank because both the software, i.e., Dynamics 365 and SAR ERP have almost the same functionality for quality management.

Sales Management – The priority goes to Dynamics 365 as it gives much better support than SAP Business One. Check out the functionalities available in Dynamics 365 Sales, Commerce, and Sales Insights.

Cloud, SaaS, and Hosting option- Dynamics 365 is available for cloud deployment option and is most suitable for mid-sized businesses as it cost less as compared to other solutions available in the market, that too with ample functionalities.

The above overview might suggest that Dynamics 365 leads the ERP CRM marketplace for businesses of all sizes. So if you too are in the stage of selecting an enterprise business solution, give us a call before finalizing. Square International Consulting team goes above and beyond software implementations to serve as your partner in full-scale business improvements.


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