Supply chain management feature available in Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management is a supply chain solution designed to help businesses improve their trading, manufacturing, and distribution processes. The solution aids in the optimization of your manufacturing, shipping, and distribution processes, allowing your company to be more resilient to shocks.

The primary goal of Dynamics 365 SCM is to improve the business’s operational efficiency and, as a result, the end product’s quality. With end-to-end visibility and minimized asset downtime, you can create a customer-centric supply chain. Dynamics 365 solutions integrate seamlessly with your existing systems and your entire business. Dynamics 365 SCM handles everything from procurement and logistics to delivery and cost control.

Some of the features of Microsoft Dynamics 365’s SCM module are listed below

Revenue Management

Dynamics 365 Revenue Management Changes enhance your capacity to support a data-driven economy by providing insights that boost visibility and functionality.

Analytical Workspaces

Inject your custom Power BI visualizations into workspaces to allow users to swiftly digest data and take the appropriate actions.

Integration of the Common Data Service (CDS)

You can ensure that your data can be used across applications and platforms by using Common Data Service to provide an accurate and up-to-date database.

Predictive Insights for Effective Performance

Predictive insights are helping to identify potential machine issues, reducing downtime and maintenance costs while also improving product quality and customer satisfaction.

Swift Collaboration with Vendors

Vendors can confirm orders and seek quotes using Dynamics 365 SCM’s Vendor Collaboration Interface.

Transportation Systematic

It helps to meet deadlines and adhere to precise delivery slots, Dynamics 365 SCM assists in the management of containers, trucks, loads, and routes.

Cost Management That Is Accurate

Calculate and account for the costs of raw materials and final goods using your preferred valuation methods. Assess the cost implications of all your items to improve product costing.

We can confidently state that Dynamics 365 SCM transforms your company’s productivity through actionable insights and unified data. Dynamics 365 is the software you need for supply chain management, with multiple capabilities to elevate your financial, commercial, and industrial operations through CRM, Power Automate, and Field Service.

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