Unveiling Exciting Enhancements: Business Central 2023 Wave 2 Unleashed

Microsoft is gearing up for the release of Business Central 2023 Wave 2 this fall, bringing a plethora of enhancements across development, AI, user administration, reporting, UI, and Power Platform capabilities. Let’s dive into the key features that have got the community buzzing with anticipation!

1. Streamlined Customization with Field Addition

Wave 2 introduces a much-awaited feature – the ability to effortlessly add fields to pages through Profile Customization, no programming skills required. Administrators can now make table fields non-editable, enhancing customization options.

2. Enhanced Data Management with Synced Dates

Users can now synchronize or decouple Document Dates and Posting Dates, offering improved control and flexibility. This feature, available in Sales & Receivable Setup or Purchases & Payables Setup, optimizes data management.

3. Data Search for Enhanced Productivity

Introducing an efficient data search mechanism within Business Central. Users can now easily search for various data elements such as Document Numbers, Names, Addresses, and Amounts directly from the Tell Me dialog box, boosting productivity by simplifying data retrieval.

4. Swift Navigation with Show Details

The ‘Show Details’ feature facilitates seamless navigation to a Card page from a lookup on a line, simplifying access to detailed information. A one-click shortcut to details enhances the user experience by eliminating unnecessary steps.

5. Improved Browser Tab Management

Enhanced user experience is in the details! The addition of the Company Badge to browser tabs makes it easier to manage multiple tabs, ensuring a smoother workflow.

6. Mobile App Upgrades for Enhanced Efficiency

Business Central’s mobile app receives a significant upgrade, incorporating powerful search capabilities with Tell Me functionality. The addition of barcode scanning and worksheet page access enhances the app’s utility and efficiency.

7. Better Control over Inventory

Enjoy more control over warehouse operations with tailored handling options for Production, Assembly, and Jobs. Fine-tune warehouse handling based on different operational requirements, streamlining processes.

8. Effortless Navigation to Posted Documents

Wave 2 brings quicker navigation to posted documents directly from Sales Order/Return and Purchase Order/Return lines. Easily access and review posted documents with a few simple clicks.

9. Future-Ready Upgrades and Data Management

Experience the ease of consolidating financial data across multiple Business Central environments using APIs. Stay future-ready with seamless data management capabilities.

10. Enhanced Inventory Management with Block Item Variants

Unused item variants can now be blocked from Sales or Purchase Orders, preventing unwanted usage while maintaining a cleaner inventory structure.

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