How To Automate your Business Process in Business Central?

Businesses in Dubai implement enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management solution to assist in communication and having their business functions consolidated. An integrated ERP and CRM solution like Business Central by Microsoft, help businesses to improve customer experiences, connect data across finance, accounting, sales, and inventory for making better business decisions.

When you have ERP and CRM system integrated like Business Central, you are able to track and synchronize all data. Here are the benefits of having a single interface for multiple business operations-

  • Better inventory, sales and finance management
  • Better mobility, meaning employee can collaborate faster
  • 360 degree view of business operations
  • Better customer service and quality control

Amid the benefits, there are perks of automating tedious tasks in Business Central. This is done in two ways- Workflows and Power Automate. The latter requires low coding skills.

Let’s dig into it!


Business Central includes number of preconfigured workflows represented by workflow templates that you can copy to create workflows. Dynamics 365 helps you manage and process data using set of rules.

In Business Central users can set up workflow, notifications, create and modify custom reports layout, set up email, export/ import workflows and much more.

Power Automate:

Power Automate allows creating automated workflows between services to synchronize files and get notified. It is best suitable for those processes which need updating multiple entities at once for a task that is reoccurring.

Need help in setting workflow or using Power Automate in Business Central?

Power Automate or workflows in Business Central has simplified the difficult errands and has taken loads of human responsibilities. It helps business in their digital transformation journey.

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