Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise License Comprises a Host of Benefits

If you have plans to implement Dynamics 365 or if you are already a user, it would be worthwhile to understand the prospective features in order to enhance its potential. In doing so, we shall get ourselves oriented in order to reap the benefits of the Sales Enterprise License.

Multi Functionality & Capabilities

The Sales Enterprise license provides access to the pre-packaged Dynamics 365 application suite that has a host of practical functionalities befitting sales app.

Apt App For Outlook

Being a dynamic app, as the name suggests, you can virtually track E-mails orreview contact interactions from any device with Outlook. Try using the Outlook app even to create new contact from an E-mail. Dynamics 365 allows to look-up relationship information from an E-mail or view contextual records from recent or achieved activities.
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Integration of LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Dynamics and Sales Navigator are brought together by a free connector that promises to provide a unified solution that is not only relevantly pertinent but also come with actionable insights benefiting sales professionals. This amalgamation brings together relationship detail together with the connector that makes sales users to sharply focus on the appropriate prospects, thereby personalizing the engagements or expand relationships.

Embedded Intelligence and More

This feature tends to continuously analyze customer-interaction data that is stored in Dynamics 365 for Sales and Microsoft Exchange which basically helps sales professionals to get the right perspectiveof their business relationships or do an in-depth evaluation before going ahead with their next analyses activity. The feature also takes account of daily sales activities like daily actions or communications by driving contextual insights.

Using Powerapps

Another important feature of Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise application comprises of Powerapps Plan 2 entitlement that can customize, create, extend etc. Within the Dynamics 365 forms,the apps can be designed to be operational on a standalone basis or even suitably embedded.

Microsoft Flow

When it comes to multiple automated functioning process between cloud apps and service of handling approvals, deliver notifications, look-up data, add conditions or perform any other actions, the app enables Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise workflows efficiently. Moreover, it includes entitlement for Flow Plan 2 in order to run 15,000 Flows per user in a month.

Efficiently delivering AI driven insights from data in Dynamics and Office 365.

Based on a combination of analytics and data science, Dynamics with Office data, sales insights helps leaders address their vital business queries. Additionally, in order to reduce any problem that may arise, it proactively monitors data and uses machine learning to provide insights for sales managers and his team by:

  • Understanding sales performance through interactive and proactive reporting across deals, pipeline and kpis.
  • Effective training using resources based on seller engagement and productivity across different metrics.
Dynamics 365 app may pose some questions pertaining to licensing or about its capabilities. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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