QuickBooks To Business Central Migration Help Distributors Manage Inventory

When you migrate from QuickBooks to Business Central, it provides you with a lot of advantages but to know more first, we have to understand what is QuickBooks and what is Business Central.

Let’s understand Quickbooks-

QuickBooks is a type of accounting software whose products provide desktop and online accounting applications as well as cloud-based ones which can process bills and business payments meaning it is mainly used for accounting purposes in small and medium-sized firms.

Business Central is a type of ERP system which is an all-in-one solution that offers integration with the wider modules. Its major purpose is to act as a stand-alone solution for various problems faced by a business.

So now we understand the difference between both clearly, it shows you what type of benefits you get while you are using a business center and in this article, we are further going to discuss the benefits of using Business Central when you need to manage your inventory as compared to Quickbooks.

Benefits that you get while Migration from QuickBooks to Business Central

Quickbooks is limited and Business Central is all one solution

QuickBooks is accounting software and it is limited to only accounts but, in the case of Business Central not so Business Central provides you various facilities with accounting like management, keeping a backup of your data helps you in financing.

Track and Trace your inventory

It can help you in tracking and tracking your inventory. It also helps you in tracking your warehouse locations and monitors your inventory from various locations.

 Important For Growth

It is important to choose a business center for the growth of your business because it provides you with 800 features more than QuickBooks. Quickbooks is only suitable for startups and medium-sized businesses but the business center provides facilities for even fully developed businesses.

Management features

Business Central provides you with various Financial Management services Human Resource Management services and inventory management services but Quickbooks is not able to perform this job. So it is a smart move to choose Business Central as compared to Quickbooks.

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